See The Full List Of The Elected 23 Local Government Chairmen In Benue

By Akpene Jacob

Benue State Independent Electoral Commission, (BSIEC) last Saturday conducted local council elections in all the 23 local government areas in Benue State.

Announcing the result of the poll, Chairman of the Benue State Independent Electoral Commission, (BSIEC) Dr. Loko Tersoo Joseph, said the election was held peacefully in 3,691 polling units across the state.

The People’s Democratic Party won all the 23 Chairmanship Seats. The party also won in all the Two Hundred And Seventy Six Councillorship (276) positions at the poll.

Here is the full list of elected Chairmen:

1. Obi – Hon. Agnes Uleko Erebe (PDP)
2. Makurdi – Hon. Anthony Dyegeh(PDP)
3. Guma – Hon. Caleb Aba(PDP)
4. Gwer West – Hon. Grace Igbabon(PDP)
5. Gwer East – Hon. Emmanuel Ortserga(PDP)
6. Tarkaa – Hon. Mrs Juliana Suemo(PDP)
7. Buruku – Hon. Daniel Deajir(PDP)
8. Logo – Hon. Terser Agber(PDP)
9. Ukum – Hon. Stevie Ayua(PDP)
10. Katsina-Ala – Hon. Atera Alfred(PDP)
11. Ushongu – Hon. Asawa Joe Joseph(PDP)
12. Kwande – Hon. Mrs Chianson Tartor(PDP)
13. Vandeikya – Hon. Mrs Kukase Garba(PDP)
14. Konshisha – Hon. Jirgba James(PDP)
15. Otukpo – Hon. George Alli PDP)
16. Ogbadibo – Hon Prince PDP)
17. Ado – Hon. James Oche (PDP)
18. Apa – Hon. Ameh Akoche(PDP)
19. Agatu – Hon. Sule Adoyi(PDP)
20. Okpokwu – Hon. Mrs Amina Audu(PDP)
21. Ohimini – Hon. Faith Agbo (PDP)
22. Oju – Hon. Onaa Clement (PDP)
23. Gboko – Hon. James Kachina(PDP)

Congrats to them all.

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