COVID-19: Pastor Paul Enenche Tackles Bill Gates Over Worldwide Vaccination

Dr. Paul Enenche is a medical doctor-turned Christian preacher who founded Dunamis International Gospel Centre in Abuja, Nigeria.

Yesterday a video created uproar across Africa and the world at large for his comment about Bill Gates’s alleged plan to vaccine the entire world.

In the footage, the pastor said that Bill Gates is not a qualified scientist and in which capacity is he going to do that, Nigerians took to social media to respond.

Founder of Dunamis International Gospel Church, Dr. Paul Enenche has become the topic overnight in a video where he asked philanthropist, Bill Gates to explain his motives behind the vaccine for COVID-19.

Dr. Paul Enenche is a medical doctor turned preacher who has a strong opinion about the controversial COVID-19 vaccine that Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is funding to contain the virus.

The clergyman along with his wife expressed their displeasure speaking from the Glory Dome in Abuja, and Dr. Paul started off saying:

“I watched on the screen a well-known billionaire, speaking and he was saying, the world cannot return to normal until the whole world is vaccinated.”

“Question, in your capacity as what? As the president of the world? Even Satan the devil cannot talk like that he doesn’t own the earth, the world cannot return to normal until everybody is vaccinated, how, why?”

He further added: “Are you a virologist? Pulmonologist, infectious disease specialist, a physician, cardio-surgeon, you studied virology, physiology, anatomy, human biochemistry, mobile anatomy, ethology, microbiology, immunology, anesthesiology, you studied all of them and qualified as a medical doctor and consultant in that field and you have the authority to determine who will be vaccinated on the earth?”

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