The Women In Nollywood Don’t Like Themselves – Nazo Ekezie

According to her, there is no iota of love in the movie industry she is part of.

Stunning actress, Nazo Ekezie recently discussed how the Nollywood movie industry is one of the worst places for keeping female friends.

According to her, there is no iota of love in the movie industry she is part of.

Her words, “Women don’t like each other. Please, quote me, Nollywood is one of the worst places to have female friends.Because most female actresses see genuine compliments as something else. The worst are those who are doing better and well paid, endorsements and all, with the fame, yet they still say rubbish about other actress in the industry” .

“Every battle I have faced in Nollywood is surrounded around women. It’s that bad. They believe once they have made it, nobody else should. These big actresses (the A-List). They are scary. Seriously. You would be in your corner, thinking they are all made and won’t stress it again. But they are the ones that are more jealous. Even on set”.

She also touched on what she looks for in the opposite sex.

She said, ”I have always looked out for someone who fame doesn’t entice or affect. One wouldn’t consider it a problem. I want someone who would be patient enough to know me and not look at me from the movie angle. I would love someone who sees me as Nazo and not an actress all the time.Well, I’m not a physical look kind of person but then you won’t be looking like masquerade though”.

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