Nicki Minaj Says She Has S*X Four Times A Night

She’s also not one to shy away from talking to her fans on social media.

Nicki Minaj isn’t exactly known for keeping quiet about s-x, with the rapper often spitting some incredibly explicit lyrics.

She’s also not one to shy away from talking to her fans on social media.

So when a Twitter user joked about the number of times a night Nicki probably has s-x with her boyfriend, the star was instantly there to set the record straight.

A fan, going by the username sonofachun, tweeted the Anaconda singer saying: “Nicki probably getting d*** 6x a night and giggles when y’all keep saying 3.”

Nicki, 36, retweeted the post adding her own comment.

She shot down the person’s theory that she has s-x six times a night and instead revealed she actually does it three to four times a night “on average”.

“3-4 on average. 6 is a bit much sis,” she wrote.

The tweet has been liked and shared thousands of times with many fans sharing their shock at her revelation.

Understandably, a lot of people were concerned about where she finds the time/energy for it all.

One person responded: “Are there meals in between? Or y’all just workin up an appetite?”

Another said: “GIRL OMG YOU WILD.”


“You gotta sleep sometime lol,” commented a fourth.

Nicki is currently dating 40-year-old Kenneth Petty.

The pair’s relationship has been the topic of much scrutiny lately after it became known that Kenneth is a registered s-x offender.

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