Will Peerage Laws Change For Meghan Markle And Prince Harry’s Children?

The Duchess of Sussex’s webpage on the royal site points to her proud advocacy for female empowerment.

Meghan Markle, 36, and Prince Harry, 33, married last month. The union was a very modern one. However, their family will be affected by a royal rule that some many find old-fashioned.

Meghan Markle was praised for being the first bi-racial woman to marry into the Royal Family, for having a career that made her worth £5 million and for being a feminist.

The Duchess of Sussex’s webpage on the royal site points to her proud advocacy for female empowerment.

It features her quote: “I am proud to be a woman and a feminist.”

The former-actress made the statement speaking at the UN on International Women’s Day 2015.

However, it was revealed last week that Meghan Markle’s female children will not be able to inherit her title.

Peerage laws in the UK are still rather outdated with only males being able to inherit one.

Many advocates have been campaigning to change these laws for yeas, but with such a high profile case as this those fighting on the issue may be given a boost.

Kate Middleton and Prince Charlotte: Rules of succession changed before Princess Charlotte was born

The law also came into effect when the Duke of Westminster, the UK’s third richest man, passed away in August 2016.

This made his son Hugh Grosvenor, 27, Earl Grosvenor, despite the fact he has two older sisters.

Hugh was left the £9 billion form his fathers, not Lady Tamara or Lady Edwina who came before.

The unfair rule, which sees female heirs passed over thanks to their gender alone, will also impact on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s children.

It would also see the title “Duke of Sussex” would die out, yet again, if the two only have female children.

Peerage laws also dictate that male benefices must be legitimate male heirs.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s children: Their family will be affected by a royal rule

However, laws have been changed in recent years to favour high profile royal females, namely Princess Charlotte, three.

Laws concerning the line of succession were changed.

Originally male children would succeed their sisters to the throne, even if they were younger.

However, this rule was relegated to history, a change welcomed by many.

Will the Queen change the laws around peerage since Meghan and Harry’s marriage?

For peerage laws to change a bill must be read in the House of Commons and be passed through parliament.

It is not currently known if there are any plans to petition parliament to change these rules.

It was revealed that Meghan Markle and the Queen will attend an event together for the first time next week.

However, it was much longer after her marriage before Kate Middleton and the Queen stepped out together for the first time.

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