‘My Hairstyle Is Worth 40 Million’ — Top Model Chika Lann

Top Nigerian model, Chika Lann, who has a signature hairstyle she flaunts, in an interview with Pulse revealed that the hairstyle is worth 40 million naira.
 When asked what inspired her hairstyle, the model said;

I’ve been asked on several occasions about this question.Sometimes is not really easy to understand my personality. I love to be unique. Because when you look around you will see that everyone style look alike…. and i’m the kind of person that can spend any kind of money.. and go through any kind of stress or inconveniences just to stand out. from the crowd. Talking about my hairstyle, this hairstyle is worth 40 million.

Here’s the video below;

Like clothes, shoes and other fashion accessories, Nigerian hairstyles has evolved through the years. With the Nigerian fashion industry growing like wildfire, hairstyles have become a fashion statement. Nigerian women wore their hairstyles in Afro, Mats, puff puff, and the likes done with thick black ‘made in China’ threads and these styles were accompanied with lots of pains especially when freshly done.
The Nigerian hairstyles seem to be fading away with modernization and westernization in form of weave extensions nevertheless the older trends are back but in sleeker versions.

Nigerian hairstyles are specific, extraordinary and sometimes pretty elaborate. Worn by the women as a crown they are quite captivating and complicated.

Hairstyle for Nigerian women is much more than self-perception. It is a medium of self-expression and helps to build confidence among their folks.