“What A Crock Of Shit”, Ivanka Trump Is America’s Latest Punchline Over US Weekly Cover

That Donald Trump is in the eye of a media storm is nothing new. Since he entered the Oval November last year, he has spent every day attempting to justify to the media and half of America why he deserves to be president.

His Twitter habits, the allegations of his campaign team colluding with Russia to hand him the keys to the White House, his decisions on the Paris Accord and other executive actions have made for great political drama. And his family has not been left out of the spotlight either.

Ivanka Trump aka Daddy’s girl and unpaid Special Adviser to the White House has been the subject of memes since US Weekly made her their cover girl.

For the record, Ivanka never gave US Weekly that interview, and the article is merely a collection of quotes from a “source close to Ivanka “and other publications, which paint Ivanka as someone who does not agree with her dad on some major issues.

Americans jumped on it right away, taking characters from movies and pop culture who had questionable father figures and spun a thousand memes with it.

These are some of them:

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