How To Place TV In The Room Properly?

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Times, when TV was more a luxurious room decoration than a usual device, have passed long ago. Today, TV set can be found in the bedroom, in the office, in the kitchen and other sometimes the most unexpected and inappropriate places. Therefore, when buying a new TV, you should define its location beforehand and consider how to fit it more organically into the interior without disturbing the general style of a particular room, and at the same time, to not forget about comfort when watching TV.
The first requirement for the installation of the TV is the proper distance between the screen and the audience. The most convenient and comfortable disposition is from 6 to 8 times greater than the width of the screen.

In addition, it is not recommended to place the screen under direct sunlight, light from a lamp or opposite to the mirror. This glare sources affect the protective layer of the TV and distort the image. Direct daylight makes the image dull and flat. To watch TV at the sunny day is almost impossible.

Also, it is not recommended to watch TV in a completely darkened room. A bright contrast of light screen and dark room is very tiring for the eyes. Best of all, if TV is placed on a dimly lit wall.

How to choose a location for the TV?

You must remember that the TV placed in a niche in the closet, on a special stand at the wall requires suitable arrangement of seats. Also, the common position of the TV set is in the corner of the room on a special stand. You can hang the TV on the wall. This option is suitable for all rooms. Note, that in living room TV should be placed on the level of the head of sitting person and in the bedroom on the height, comfortable for watching while lying on the bed. If you want to place TV in the kitchen, it should not stand close to the sink or stove, so as not to spoil the electronics with water, grease or the heat from the plate. Also, it is not recommended to put the TV on top of the refrigerator due to vibration. Under vibration influence, there is a possibility of breakage of the device.

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