Chris Brown Was Thrown Out Of Rehab & Sent To Jail Because He Got Too Close To Women

Last week Chris Brown was thrown out of the Malibu rehab facility and locked up in jail.
Now TMZ claims it had to do with his relationship with women in the facility.
for violating 3 internal rules … including a special rule imposed specifically on him — STAY AT LEAST 2 FEET FROM THE WOMEN.

Chris Brown is sitting in jail because he got a little too close to the female employees at his rehab facility — and because he refused a drug test. Chris just can’t seem to follow rules … how many chances should he get?Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ … the rehab facility imposed the 2-foot rule because of the Rihanna case — specifically, that he beat her.  The people who run the facility imposed the highly unusual rule, and we’re told Chris violated it by touching elbows and hands with a woman.

As for the 2 other violations, we’re told Chris left the facility last week on an authorized outing, but when he returned he was told to submit to a random drug test and he refused.  Our sources say he later took the test and the results were negative, but the initial refusal was a violation of rules.
And the third violation … the facility claims Chris made a mockery of rehab during a group session with some harsh comments.Our sources say Chris was also in some sort of sexual encounter with a woman at the facility at the beginning of the month, but for some reason that is not part of the basis for booting him.

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