Angelina Jolie To Undergo More Preventive Cancer Surgeries

Actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie has revealed she’s in the process of going under the knife again as a
preventive measure against the spread of cancer.  

The mother of six who had both breasts removed last year after tests
showed she carried a gene which increased her chances of contracting both
breast and ovarian cancer, told Entertainment Weekly the new operation is to prevent ovarian cancer. 

 “Wherever I
go, usually I run into women and we talk about health issues, women
issues, breast cancer, ovarian cancer. It makes me to feel closer to
other people who deal with the same things and have either lost their
parents or are considering surgeries or wandering about their children.
There is still another surgery to have which I haven’t yet. I would get
advice from all these people whom I have been talking to, to get through
that next stage. ” She said

Angelina’s mum, Marcheline Bertrand, died of ovarian and breast cancer at
the age of 56 in 2007.

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