One Person Collected On Indiegogo More Than $200 Thousand, Reselling Chinese Devices, As His Inventions

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 Not secret that many projects on the platforms of national financing use furnishing, and in some cases and just a little altered / modified devices, from Asia. But one person, and the first fixed case, collected it most likely just more than $200 thousand, simply reselling ready devices bought on allows to order small consignments on wholesale prices, including under the need of particular narrow audience (from change of colour and inscriptions, to more difficult modifications).

That Robert Morrison took advantage of who as a matter of fact simply ordered devices on Alibaba, exhibited them as one’s, and assembled money to their “production”, reselling in a few times more expensive.

Under his name he launched six campaigns on fund raising, four from which they were finalised and collected in a few times more necessary:
NANO DRONE – Alibaba
Rebel Speaker – Alibaba
And other.

Basically this activity is not illegal, however is illegal from the standpoint of user agreement Indiegogo,where they have already got interested Robert, after details of his campaigns of steel are known. Users as well turned out deceived, as money they cannot return, and will receive devices with overestimated price and extra charge for delivery which from China (not with Alibaba, but from the same AliExpress) as a rule free. In Nigeria there is a site, online purchases from real people, be careful by buying and selling things via the Internet.

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