Monday, 29 August 2016

P. U. S. H. By Johnspeak Uwangue

Sometime ago, I went to someone whom I needed a favour from, I had met with him severally on the same issue and I was getting wearied of meeting him. I was discussing with a mentor of mine and I told him about it, he just looked at me and said "Johnspeak, go again". I was confused. Why should I go back after meeting him thrice and always got the same negative response. So, I decided to obey my mentor and went again. To my amazement, I was given what I asked for. I got so curious and I wanted to know why he refused me thrice. I asked him and he said "Johnspeak, when you asked I didn't have what you asked for and I didn't want to promise you anything. But after you came the third time, I received from a friend what you required but I didn't want to call you back. I prayed for you to come back and you did." 

I actually wrote down his reply and that has been one of my principles for living.

A wise man once said "life won't give you what you deserve but what you demand" and to demand from life your desires is to keep asking. The acronym for P. U. S. H. for me is Pressure Until Something Happen. No matter how strong a rope is, it must surely get to its breaking point through constant pressure. 

For instance, if you have a job interview to attend in a company you truly desire to work in and you're faced with the challenge of finance, do not sit at home and weep, but rather, carry your bag and start trekking there, let life see that you're truly serious about the job. By the time you make up your mind, the means to get there will emerge. And if after getting there you didn't get the job, change strategy and try again.

Life will always say No to our demands to see if we will quit asking, reduce our standard or settle for less. To P. U. S. H. is to keep knocking on the door of success until it weakens and open up. Good fruits do not fall off easily, only spoilt fruits do. 

A man who's truly in need of something doesn't ask once and relax when he is refused, he keeps asking until his demands are met.
Don't stop asking for what you deserve. We all deserve the best life, we all deserve to live our dreams and we will, if we refuse to quit.

Succeed You Must.

About Johnspeak:

Johnspeak Uwangue is arguably Africa's fastest rising and most sought after motivational speaker, and talent coach. He also speaks through his pen by his writings. He is the founder and CEO of JCCOM, a Media and Talent Management and promotion firm in Nigeria.
For speaking or other enquiries please contact him via:
Tel: +234 7052931208 (GMT+1)
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Pay Me Every Kobo I'm Owed, I've Really Endured - Samson Siasia To NFF

The Nigeria Football Federation officials have stated that they are not expecting any letter of resignation from the national U23 coach, Samson Siasia, as his contract ended with the Rio Olympics.

Speaking to Punch ,Siasia on Sunday corroborated the NFF statement of his contract having ended but demanded that his outstanding salary be paid him. He said,

“This is not really resignation; my contract was arranged to end with the Olympics. And so the contract has ended.

“What is very important is that I get every kobo that I am owed. I need the money now than ever and I believe I have really endured and I have been cooperative.”

The coach who just won the Olympic bronze in Rio this month did not however completely deny the resignation story that made the headlines by the weekend.

“I spoke with a reporter but I guess the one who are referring to was extracted from the interview I granted somebody else. What I was asked was my entire story at the Olympics and this included Atlanta camping.

“Of course a lot of things happened that I can’t be really happy about especially the way the team was portrayed. But that is over as my contract has also actually ended. What is left now is my cash and that is very, very important,” he said.

Siasia and his friends are hoping that the FA should be able to sort out his bills quickly as they have been able to appoint a new coach from Germany for the Eagles.
An official of the federation who spoke to Punch said they treated the coach and his players as best as they could under the situation they found themselves.

“But if you are asking about getting any letter, we have not received any and we don’t expect any. The usual deal is with the All Africa Games and then running through the Olympics and that is what he has completed. There is no immediate U23 competition and so he couldn’t have continued,” he said.
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Lagos State Government Issues 14-day Ultimatum To Owners Of Illegal Structures, Street Hawkers In Ikoyi, V/I, Lekki

The Lagos State Government yesterday read the riot act to all the owners of illegal structures, shanties, street hawkers and those who have converted walkways into trading points and food courts in Ikoyi, Victoria Island and the Lagoon Front of Lekki, and issued a 14-day grace period to remove such illegal structures.

In a statement signed by the Secretary to the State Government (SSG), Mr Tunji Bello, the State Government warned that if such illegal structures are not removed after the 14 days grace, the State Special Task Force on the Clean Up of the areas would move in to enforce the laws.

“The owners of all illegal structures, shanties, abandoned buildings and all those who have converted road median to commercial uses in Ikoyi, Victoria Island and Lekki have between today and two weeks’ time to comply or have the State Special Task Force on the Clean Up of the areas to contend with,” the SSG warned.

The statement added that owners of all abandoned buildings in different areas of Ikoyi, Lekki and Victoria Island which are now harbouring prostitutes, illegal miscreants and unwanted elements must clear the structures of such undesirable elements immediately.

He specifically warned owners of properties on the Lagoon fronts of Lekki Phase 1 who have littered the whole areas with compactors and several other deadweight equipments to remove them out immediately.

Bello said the State Government was concerned about the conversion of the frontages of properties and abandoned houses to kiosks and trading points by maids and guards as well as the unregulated activities of horticulturists who have turned setbacks to hide outs and selling points.

He reiterated the determination of the Ambode-led administration to restore the original master plan of Ikoyi, Victoria Island and Lekki by checking the activities of roadside automobile repairers who have converted many dual carriage lanes to single lanes with indiscriminate parkings.

He said the State Government would no longer tolerate unauthorized parking of vehicles, trucks, among others on drainage infrastructure, adding that owners of such vehicles and properties with unkempt drainages will be prosecuted.

Bello said it was totally unacceptable for people to stockpile and display wares such as bags of charcoal on major Roads like Ahmadu Bello Way and Federal Secretariat Road, Ikoyi, stating that henceforth such goods would be confiscated and the owners prosecuted.

“We are using this medium to sensitize members of the public and residents of the affected areas who are involved in these illegalities to immediately take right action and do the needful as the State Government will take the necessary steps to enforce its environmental and sanitation laws forthwith.

“All those engaging in roadside display of wares, illegal street trading and all illegal squatters on undeveloped land and all those who have converted road median to commercial uses in Ikoyi, Victoria Island and Lekki are being advised in their own interest to put a stop to the illegalities,” he said
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Sunday, 28 August 2016

RRS Nabs Chairman Of Pick Pockets In Oshodi Lagos, 21 Others

The operatives of Rapid Response Squad (RRS) of Lagos State Police Command, have arrested a self-acclaimed Chairman of pickpockets in Oshodi, Ibrahim Kasali, and 21 other suspects alleged to be involved in stealing and robbing innocent members of public in the area.

The raiding, which took place at about 4:30 a.m. and ended at 6:35 am, early hours of Friday August 26th, 2016, witnessed the operatives combing Mosafejo, Bolade, Oshodi Oke, and Oshodi Under Bridge, arresting the hoodlums and social miscreants waiting for early rush to pickpocket passers-by and passengers.

The suspect, who is popularly known as Ibrahim Babangida of Oshodi, was nabbed during the operation while being chased by passengers of a bus which he boarded to pickpocket.

It was gathered that Kasali is feared by his colleagues for his ruthlessness and popularity. Some of his colleagues earlier arrested gave him out as their leader, and that he is the one that goes around to collect items stolen or snatched from passers-by to sell and share the proceeds to all of them.

According to his confession, he has been to prison four times while one of his accomplices also arrested, Ibrahim Yusuph, 18, from Ogun State, was just out of prison for the eighth time. Upon completion of preliminary screening, four out of 22 arrested suspects, who could provide satisfactory information about their identity, were released.

Amongst the suspects arrested were, Bello Fatai, Oladimeji Ajisafe, Hassan Adeyemi, Jubril Olamilekan and Babalola Ahmed. Others were, Junior Vincent, Rilwan Oyinsola, Sadiq Taofeek, Kazeem Taiwo, Mutiu Rasheed, Ayodele Adeeko and Sola Omonije to mention but a few.

While confirming the arrest, the Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, Superintendent of Police, SP Dolapo Badmus, re-assured the people of Lagos, of maximum security in place in the state, adding that the suspects would face the full wrath of law.

The suspects have been transferred to the Lagos State Taskforce on Environment for prosecution.
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Solution To The Niger Delta Problem: How To Appease The Warring Militants' By Tony Ogunlowo

Niger Delta Militants
Ever since oil was discovered in the Niger Delta more than sixty years ago the lives of the people, there, has been blighted by widespread ecological and environmental pollution. It has reduced people’s life expectancy, led to the abandonment of their primary occupations as farmers and fishermen as oil pollution has destroyed both land and fishing grounds. There is widespread unemployment and general unrest. This has led to general dissatisfaction amongst the people and is partially to blame for the renewed calls for the re-establishment of the defunct Biafra republic.

Disillusioned and unemployed youths have taken to arms destroying pipelines and installations and kidnapping oil workers in a bid to get something back. These groups go by many names and the notable of all, presently, is the Niger Delta Avengers – who are currently negotiating with the government. Apart from frequently wreaking havoc on oil installations they also frequently battle each other. In the past fifteen years the Federal Government has had to frequently send troops down to the region to try and restore law and order.

Unfortunately the damage is done. The multi- national oil companies operating in the region have been allowed to get away with so much for so long considering the fact there are no laws in Nigeria forcing them to clean-up or invest in the areas. Also over the course of over fifty years the oil companies have colluded with both military and civilian governmental officials to have things their own way. The 1995 execution of the environmentalist/writer Ken Saro Wiwa exposed BPs complicity in his death and connivance with the then government of the late Sanni Abacha.

In recent years there have been attempts to appease the warring militants of the region to the extent of bribing them to lay down their arms and sending some abroad to gain further education. There have also been feeble attempts at a clean-up operation.

Unfortunately both attempts have failed. Paying off the militants hasn’t convinced them to lay down their arms. Not only is it not a lasting solution to the problem it has encouraged rogue splinter groups to emerge to earn ‘easy money’ from the government. Leaders of such groups have become tin gods who have splashed out money received on 4X4 jeeps and a luxurious lifestyle ignoring the masses they claim to represent. And the clean-up of the polluted areas will take forever – if an attempt is even made to start.

Nothing will work until the Federal Government forces the oil companies to take full responsibility for their actions. When the BP- operated DeepWater Horizon oil rig exploded in 2010 killing eleven workers and causing a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico the American government not only forced BP to clean-up but fined the company more than $4 Billion Dollars- and that’s not counting other pending private lawsuits against the company. This money will be used by the government to compensate and rehabilitate all those affected by the disaster.

Though it will be virtually impossible to get the oil companies operating in Nigeria to agree to do a clean-up a forced levy can be imposed upon them for re-development of the region.

Call it a ‘Niger Delta Re-Development Fund’ where monies collected from the oil companies will be used to relocate worst-affected smaller communities(if need be) to new settlements, to provide social amenities, education and most important of all – employment!

Someone robbed of their health and livelihood by oil pollution is bound to turn to mischief. The oil industry is a vast industry that employs thousands of workers every year. Why not make it a priority to recruit, exclusively, from the local indigenes first? Why not give the job of clean-up operations to these Niger militants to keep them out of trouble? The oil industry has a lot of tertiary companies that support their operations. Why not force these companies to re-locate to these districts or get them to establish branches in theses improvised areas? If you establish a company, for instance, that dry cleans/launders workers overalls and employ fifty local people you are actually taking fifty people off the street who might otherwise be troublesome.

Also, education is very important here and should not be forgotten. Most of the militants, currently terrorizing the region, are in their late teens or early twenties and giving them access to a good education will give them a better chance in life. Already some schemes are in place that provides scholarships but it needs to be more widespread.

Establish a tax-free or low-tax zone to encourage both domestic and foreign investors. Foreign trawlers who come to fish off our waters would more than likely be interested in owning a processing plant in such an area instead of having to freeze their catch and cart it off to their countries.

Since the discovery of oil in the Niger Delta all the indigenous cottage industries have all but disappeared. With proper funding, probably from government backed micro-finance banks, this can be revitalised. This will give the local indigenes an alternative source of income to what they’ve lost from farming and fishing.

Bribing militants or confronting them, leaving oil companies un-governed and un-checked and coming up with impossible schemes to clean-up the pollution will never solve the Niger Delta problem. Getting the Niger Delta militants educated, employed and out of trouble and dealing with the oil companies with a more firmer hand will.
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Buhari Agrees To Exchange Boko Haram Fighters For Chibok Girls

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari has agreed to swap detained Boko Haram fighters for the Chibok girls held captive by the Islamist terrorists.

The president has often stated government’s unwavering commitment to the rescue of the over 200 Chibok girls kidnapped by the insurgents in 2014, and in light of mounting pressure from activists and the general public for their safe release, he’s finally agreed to a swap deal.

Making the declaration on his Twitter handle (@MBuhari) on Sunday, President Buhari paid glowing tributes to the Nigerian troops for their efforts in the war against insurgency in Nigeria’s northeast, before adding that he is willing to swap Boko Haram prisoners for the Chibok girls.

However, he gave the condition that the insurgents are able to list those they want released and then establish clear leadership that will come out to discuss with the Federal Government.

He says the Federal Government will want the girls out safe without any harm done to them so they can be reunited with their families.

Recently, the Bring Back Our Girls group and Chibok community in Abuja had called on the President to live up to his campaign promise and do whatever it took to rescue the kidnapped Chibok girls, even if it meant accepting the swap deal with Boko Haram.

This came after Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau released a video showing some of the girls, stating that they’ll only be released in exchange for the captured Boko Haram fighters.

The president was recently in Nairobi, Kenya for the African economic summit which focused on diversification and advancement of African economies.
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Non-stop Rainfall Floods Lagos (Photos)

Some parts of Lagos have been left flooded following a continuous rainfall that started yesterday afternoon and fell throughout the night into this morning.

Some people have been rendered homeless as the rain water found its way into their homes.

See more photos below..

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Actress Funke Akindele Confirms Her Marriage To JJC Skillz

Nollywood actress, Funke Akindele has finally confirmed that she is married to to Abdulrasheed Bello aka JJC Skillz.

The actress introduced herself as Olufunke Akindele Bello at the “Love Lagos Weekend” event hosted by the Lagos state government in London.

Love Lagos Weekend event is geared towards selling the state and unitin lovers of Lagos in the Diaspora.

Congrats to her.
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Oworonshoki: Lagos State Government Completes Fourth Lay-by (Photos)

Lagos State Governor, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode at the weekend carried out extensive  inspection of on-going projects across the State, among which is the multi-faceted expansion projects at the ever busy Berger Bus Stop.

The Governor, who ordered contractors to work day and night on the projects to ensure completion by December 2016, said the directive became imperative in view of the strategic importance of the axis being the major gateway to the State.
The expansion projects at Berger include the construction of about 700 meters slip road through which traffic outward Lagos-Ibadan Expressway can connect Omole Phase Two, Magodo Phase One and Olowoora.
The road, which was designed with drainage channels, side walks and street light, is about 6 meters wide and can conveniently accommodate two vehicles at a time.

Apart from the Pedestrian Bridge which has been completed, there are also expanded lay-bys and reservation areas at both sides of the Berger Bus Stop to facilitate easy pulling off of commercial and private vehicles from the main expressway, while massive road improvement, construction of lay-by and reservation projects are equally on-going under the bridge.
Governor Ambode, accompanied by top officials of the State Government, also ordered the construction of iron barricade under the newly completed Pedestrian Bridge to compel usage so as to achieve its main purpose of saving lives and facilitating free flow of traffic.

While briefing Governor Ambode on the work done so far on the Berger projects, Commissioner for Works and Infrastructure, Engr. Ganiyu Johnson said the projects, upon completion, will not only give Berger a new befitting look, but also ensure permanent removal of gridlock hitherto associated with the area.

“The idea is that we should have a reservation area for our commercial buses and also a reservation area on top. In the phase one of it, we have on both sides about 200 meters of reservation area. For instance, vehicles coming from upland and wanting to discharge passengers have been accommodated as we have cleared the road further down and we have about three to four base underneath the bridge.

“We have also improved Wakati Adura, Ijaye Road and Isheri Road in such a way that there will not be any traffic gridlock anymore by the time we complete this project and there will be a free flow of traffic around the whole place. We are also moving the Roundabout at PWC forward a little bit to Wakati Adura area and channelise the place just to improve traffic flow,” Johnson said.

The Governor also inspected the newly completed lay-by at Car Wash Bus Stop in Oworonsoki which made it a total of four modern lay-bys constructed in Oworonsoki axis by the Ambode administration.

Besides, Governor Ambode inspected the on-going construction of 1.65km slip road from Olopomeji in Oworonsoki to Ifako with under pass through which vehicles can make U-turn back to either Lagos Island or Oshodi through Gbagada and so on.
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Tiwa Savage, Aramide, Others Top AFRIMA 2016 Nominees

Organisers of  All Africa Music Awards, AFRIMA, last week, set the ball rolling for this year’s edition of the awards as they unveiled the nominees for the regional categories of the event.

Nigerian artistes, topped the list from Western Africa, beating Ghana, which has two nominations, while Ivory Coast and Senegal respectively have one nomination each. The pack include Tiwa Savage, Flavour, Afro soul diva, Aramide, who was nominated for new single, “Funmilowo”, featuring Sir Dauda, Seyi Shay, Temi Doll Face and Yemi Alade. Others are Brymo, Tekno, Wizkid and Niniola.

The list also has strong contenders like Sarkodie (Ghana); Okyeame Kwame(Ghana), Adiouza(Senegal) and Josey(Ivory Coast). Described as the biggest music awards on the continent, the highly anticipated nominees list for the 2016 awards, tagged ‘AFRIMA 3.0.,’ was unveiled in Lagos, by a 13-man jury of AFRIMA.

According to the moderator of the adjudication process, Mr. Mike Strano, about 2700 entries from African music professional were received during the period of May 20, 2015 to July 30, 2016.
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See President Buhari And Other African Leaders At The Opening Ceremony Of The 6th Tokyo International Conference On African Development (Photos)

President Muhammadu Buhari joined other African leaders to attend the opening ceremony of the Sixth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD VI) in Nairobi, Kenya.

See more photos below...

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Another Container Truck Falls At Ijora, Olopa, Lagos (Photos)

A 40ft container loaded with stationaries, tipped and fell at Ijora Olopa, Lagos, at about 8.10 am yesterday morning. According to Lagos State Emergency Agency, investigation at the scene revealed that the cause of the accident was due to reckless driving by the container truck driver. While he was trying to make a fast U turn at a roundabout, the truck tipped and fell across the road.

No injury nor mortality was recorded. LASEMA's Emergency response team and LASTMA officials have been able to evacuate the container off the road.

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MUST READ: Preparing For A Family Vacation

Preparing for a family vacation can be quite exhausting. It is important to teach your family vital survival tips for emergency situations, especially while on a vacation far from home.
Vacation plans decrease the possibility of being victims of criminals, reduce stress and wasted resources.

Tourists are often targeted for their naivety; they easily get lost, are distracted and have to move about town with valuables.

Wondering what important steps you can take to keep your loved ones safe while on the road?

Here are some suggestions for keeping you and your family safe when planning your next holiday trip.

Research your destination

Before you visit a new city or country, run a search on the internet about the latest happenings at your intended destination. For illustration let's assume you are visiting Accra, Ghana;

Using a search engine like Google, search for general Accra news. You can also search for specific with terms like “your country” Embassy in Ghana, Accra weather, Hotels near Accra Airport, Accra riots, Accra health risks and Accra crime.

You can also make use of location review websites like tripadvisor to read the experience of other tourists and visitors.
This gives you an idea of where you are going, what to expect and how to plan emergencies.

Contacting your Embassy

If you are visiting a volatile country, it is always advisable to contact your embassy. When traveling with loved ones it is important not to take chances.
Take time out to register at the embassy, some embassies keep you informed of possible threats. They also provide you with adequate aid if thing go awry and may help you return home safely.

Keep tabs on the local news
Tourists often make the mistake of watching only satellite TV when on vacation. That’s great, however if you want to feel the pulse of your immediate locality, the local TV channel should be your main source of news.

Use social media sites and Google alerts to set up notifications about activities in your area.

Prep the kids

Most parents have the safety of their children as the main priority. With children you might need to tick out a little to do list like the one below. 

  • When visiting crowded sites always remember to dress the children in bright colored clothing so they can easily be spotted. 
  • Leave your business card in their pockets; you could instruct them to approach a policeman with that card if such a scenario occurs. 
  • Have them memorize the address of your hotel room and phone number 
  • Take a quick photo of the kids. If you lost your child in a crowded place, you could easily report it to the authorities with a visual on what the child looks like. 
  • Show them how to dial the police number and follow evacuation. 

Be ready with the little things

This checklist is for the grownups, the mommies, daddies or chaperone.
  • Ensure that your kids and spouse have their phones fully charged at all times. Invest in portable power banks (mobile chargers) to make this possible. 
  • Travel as light as possible, a heavy luggage slows you down and makes you vulnerable to robbers 
  • Avoid displaying cameras, expensive jewelry, gadgets and other valuable thing. 
  • While searching for a site or accommodation, choose hotels in well-lit areas and avoid deserted streets.
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    VIDEO: Adekunle Gold – “Gold The Intro”

    YBNL signed artiste, Adekunle Gold is out with the video to the record titled “Gold The Intro”, which is the brief intro to his debut album titled “Gold” which was released under the YBNL imprint some weeks ago.

    Quite strange of an artiste to shoot a video to an intro track but Adekunle does it.

    Enjoy below
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    Meet The Nigerian Comedian Of The Moment

    MC Young Elder is unarguably Nigeria's fastest rising gospel comedian. His unique style of comedy has seen him standout from the hundreds,  if not thousands of comedians springing up daily. This Benin based comedian has travelled far and wide showcasing his God given talent. He's the organizer of the popular "unusual comedy" program,  an event that's fast taking over the Nigeria comedy industry.
    The name MC Young elder is fast becoming a household name in Nigeria and Africa at large.

    We've been trying  to contact him for a proper interview but his busy schedules have not made it possible. We promise you a full length interview with him, where you'd know all you need to know about him.
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    Saturday, 27 August 2016

    Maximize Your Talents: 10 Silly Questions That Helped Shaped My Career

    In 2011, after I discovered that I could live my dream life and put my footprints on the sand of history by working with my talents, I set out on a lonely path to success. After 3years, I got confused, frustrated and disorganized because despite knowing what I had, I still wasn't moving. I needed to move forward, I needed to storm my world. As I sat down in 2014 to ponder on it, questions that helped shaped my career and gave me motion began to flow through my mind. These questions helped me and I strongly believe that they can help you too.

    1. What Am I Doing?

    A clear understanding of this question will put you on the right path to success. This question will bring you back to reality.
    Not knowing what you're doing can make you leave your own path and walk in other people's paths. It's important to always ask ourselves this question regularly. What am I doing? Am I doing what am supposed to be doing?

    2. Why Am I Doing This?

    Why are you doing what you're doing? Why are you working with your talents when you should be working in the bank, or hospital with your degree? The why, is the motive behind a task and the motive is very important in shaping one's career. Is it because you think you can do it better? or is it because that's what's in vogue? or is it because of the lack of 'white collar jobs? or is it because you want to use that talent of yours to impact lives? A truthful answer to this question will help point you to the right path.

    3. Where am I going with this?

    This question helped me, it can help you too. Every talentpreneur should have an understanding of where their talents will lead them to.
    Will working with your talents lead you to the palace or the prison.
    Will it help you achieve your dreams and ambitions in life. What do you intend to achieve from it? It's important we ask ourselves this silly but important question because what's the use of taking on a path that leads to nowhere.

    4. Who am I doing this for?

    It's important for every talentpreneur to know their target audience.
    Which set of people can you easily relate with? Can you easily relate with the youths, females, males, old, young, rich, poor, educated, uneducated, sick, broken hearted, unemployed etc. We need to also know our location, our territory. We can also chose our target audience and work towards taking our talents to them.

    5. What will I gain from this?

    It's wisdom to engage in a profitable venture. In fact, engaging in an unprofitable venture can be regarded as foolishness. Will it bring you peace of mind, happiness, joy, rest, riches, honour, and above all, will it make you a fulfilled man or woman?

    6. What will I lose for not doing this?

    I've sometimes imagined not doing what I'm doing, and the picture isn't pleasant. Most people are doing what they are not gifted at and that's the cause of the lackadaisical attitudes of some employees. 

    7. How can I improve on this?

    Every talent needs proper development and refinement. And it's also important for talentpreneurs to get the adequate skills that will help improve their talents and presentation to the audience.
    We're not the only person doing what we're doing, so, we must always look for ways to improve our talents and presentation.

    8. How can I make a living from this?

    The proper use of just a talent has the potential of turning someone into a multi millionaire. In other words, every talents can be monetized. As a talent coach, I've discovered that talent monetization is regarded as the most difficult aspects of talentpreneurship, but it can be made easier if only we'd seek how to.

    9. How can I take this to my audience?

    This is where talent promotion comes to play. In Africa, lack of finance has always been the major constraint to effective talent promotion, thus, the need for strategic talent promotion and marketing.

    10. Who should I take along?

    Every Moses needs a Aaron, every Abraham needs a Lot and every Jesus needs his twelve disciples. The person or people you take along in the pursuit of your dreams through your talents will determine if you will gain speed or lag behind. At the early stage of your career, you may have to go alone, but we must understand that we can't do it all alone thus the need to build a team that can help us to achieve our dreams and missions.

    I'd love to know what you feel about this tips by dropping a comment below.
    There's love in sharing.


    About Johnspeak:

    Johnspeak uwangue is arguably Africa's fastest and most sought after motivational speaker, and talent coach. He also speaks through his pen. He's the Founder/CEO of JCCOM, a Media and Talent Management and Promotion Firm in Nigeria.
    For speaking and other enquiries, please contact him via:
    Tel: 2347052931208 (GMT 1)
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    Drum Sets And How To Choose Them

    This is a Sponsored Post.

    Some people believe that a drum is the easiest musical instrument to play, but it is not so if you have problems with feeling the rhythm. A drum, together with bass, is a key element of rhythm section. It is the oldest musical instrument in the world with design that remains almost unchanged through years. However, it doesn’t mean that all drums are alike.

    So different drums

    Type, shape and construction of a drum shell determine its sounding. Drum is used in all genres of music, but it sounds differently in each of them – jazz are high-pitched, and rock are loud.

    Every culture has its own specific kind of drum. It is made of local materials and often has a specific form. Nevertheless, Africa is probably the richest and the most creative continent. Some African cultures and tribes still celebrate every occasion to the rhythmic strains of drums.

    You may have seen conga – a tall, barrel-shaped instrument, or ashiko, which reminds a cut-off and produces three tones. There are also “double” drums, like djun-djun, which are used for bass part of the set. Djembe is probably the most interesting. It is a drum used for giving a call for gathering and healing function.

    Drum sets

    We’ve already mentioned the differences between drum sounding in diverse music genres. Still, there is one thing in common: most often musicians use a complete drum set, consisting of several different drums.

    Acoustic Drum Set can comes in numerous variations and requires another complete article to tell about it.

    Rock Sets are also called ‘Power Sets’, because they are larger in size and are able to produce louder volume and deeper tones.

    Jazz Drum Set is light and quick, toms are considerable shallow and bass drum is smaller compared to rock version.

    There are also fusion drum sets, reminding something in between the two abovementioned kinds.

    Technological progress and rushing for comfort inspired on creating Virtual and Electronic Drum Kits. You can get an access to a huge library of sonic options. They provide an opportunity to work with samples, interactive software and tutorial apps. Both beginner and professional versions are available.

    Drum kits may be equipped with auxiliary instruments. There is a bunch of smaller things able to make sounding original and unique. The first thing that comes to mind is frame drums and the most popular of them – the tambourine. The whole spectrum of elements can include bells, triangles, blocks, and a lot more. Every musician has their own demands and preferences.

    How to choose

    The first step is to decide whether your family or neighbors are okay with this fact and aren’t going to call the police. In case you are sure that no one would suffer from your hobby, start making a description of a perfect drum (or a drum kit) for you.
    It may be better to decide, how much you are ready to spend, from the very beginning. Drums are a great purchase at least because it is the best way to de-stress, but it is a costly affair.

    Then think about where you are going to place it. Don’t buy too big kit if you don’t have enough room for it. Think about an electronic drum kit instead of the acoustic one. It is more expensive, but it allows to control loudness as well as other features.
    If it is an acoustic set, take a minute to find out about the properties and the sound qualities of different materials.

    Buying drums

    Whether you are looking for a single drum or a drum kit, for a complete set or only auxiliary instruments, you can buy drums on Jiji. Don’t worry, this is not one of the numerous web stores. It is an online marketplace, which actually reminds a real market. There are diverse goods and services, represented in different categories for more convenient searching. All users are real people, with whom you can communicate and bargain. Prices, in fact, are also lower than in any other place.

    Don’t think twice. Open Jiji and discover all benefits of online shopping. And buy those drums you’ve been dreaming about for so long!

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